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Belgian partnership for sustainable offshore energy

Otary is a partnership of eight Belgian companies active in the field of renewable energy. Our team is composed of professionals who combine their experience, expertise and strengths to contribute to a sustainable future for all. Otary develops, finances, builds and manages offshore wind farms. We furthermore provide a broad range of services during an offshore wind project's life cycle.

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Close collaboration with stakeholders for successful wind projects

Otary invests in strong relationships with stakeholders and brings together a wide group of different partners. We believe that close ties and a high level of involvement contribute to the success of our energy projects.  The relationship with our stakeholders provides a solid, collective base that advocates a sustainable future. We can furthermore rely on talented employees and a broad network of national and international subcontractors. They devote themselves to delivering and managing offshore wind farms within budget, on time and in line with quality requirements.

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Ambassador at the heart of the renewable revolution

Otary is an energy player that is at the centre of the energy transition. We build a bridge between the offshore energy sector and the public at large, all the while maintaining an open and accessible attitude to expand the scope of renewable energy production.