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The construction of an offshore wind farm starts with the design of the foundations for the wind turbines and the offshore transformer substation. On-site soil surveys play an important role in this respect.

The design of the foundations is determined and converted into drawings via a convergent process. Based on these drawings, the steel is ordered and the production of the foundations can start. We frequently make use of the services of an independent certification agency to monitor the wind farm's design and construction.

The offshore transformer substation is designed by the suppliers based on the functional specifications established by Otary. The production of the electricity cables can then start as well.

Otary orders the desired components and works from the wind turbine supplier. The latter processes the order and initiates the production of the wind turbine towers, nacelles and rotors.

Before starting the works at sea, we identify objects that may hamper the works and remove them.

We prepare the seabed for subsequent installation of the foundations and the cables. The cables are pulled into the foundations, connected and tested.

The offshore transformer substation is also positioned on the foundations. All wind farm and grid cables are pulled into the offshore transformer substation, connected and tested.

We then install the wind turbines, test them one by one and put them in permanent operation.

Otary coordinates this process with their own engineers and performs design reviews, audits and quality inspections.  In addition, Otary takes care of the timing, organisation, supervision and coordination of the construction activities. The company streamlines interfaces between the different lots and reports to the stakeholders.